Big Advantages of Fitness Bands over Other Exercise Equipment

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Fitness BandGetting in shape and losing weight will involve physical activity no matter what else you try. Cutting calories will only do so much to help you lose; you need to burn calories and work your muscles to make them toned and strong as well. To do this you might consider fitness bands over other exercise equipment as these offers some big advantages. When you’re ready to invest in the right equipment for your workout routine, consider these advantages.

  1. They’re compact and lightweight.

If you live in a small home or apartment you may struggle to find exercise equipment that you can fit into a corner or your bedroom. Free weights can take up a large space and a workout machine also needs several square feet for easy access. This can make it impossible for you to work out at home with the right equipment.

Fitness bands are good choice small spaces because they’re so compact and lightweight. You can easily store them in a drawer or slide them under your bed when not in use. If you attach your bands to the inside of a bedroom door you can also typically leave them there and they will still be out of the way! You can also take them with you when you travel so you can stay in shape even when on the road.

  1. They work muscles that free weights miss.

Usually free weights only work a certain set of muscles in the arms and won’t work muscles that are under your biceps or triceps. For a completely toned look, these bands will work all the muscles in your upper arms, shoulders and back. This will give you a look that you can’t get with other equipment and will ensure your workout is effective. You may even notice this the first time you use your bands; you’ll be pulling muscles you may not have ever worked before!

  1. You get a greater range of motion with these bands.

When you use fitness bands for working out, you not only build muscle but you also get a greater range of motion with their use. This makes your muscles flexible and suppler. In turn you may be able to support other physical activity that can also burn calories and help you to lose weight and get fit. Your muscles will also be healthier as flexible muscles bring in more blood and oxygen, whereas simply lifting weights only makes them larger and stronger.

This flexibility can also help you to fend off conditions like arthritis and lower back pain. Your muscles will be more able to support your body’s movement so that you lower your risk of these painful conditions. Large and strong muscles can also help avoid these conditions but the more flexible your muscles, the healthier your joints. This too is a reason to consider fitness bands from Top Dog over other forms of exercise equipment.

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