Exercise Bands Resistance Vs Free Weights- what gives the better workout?

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Exercise Bands ResistanceWhen looking to lose weight and build muscle tone, you might consider free weights but you might also consider using exercise bands resistance from Cayman Fitness. There are some very good reasons why the bands can give you a superior workout to free weights, and why you should consider investing in a set of those rather than a stack of weights. Consider three of those reasons here.

  1. Bands work hard-to-reach muscles.

When you use free weights or a machine for resistance training, you are typically using the largest muscles in your arms or leg. These muscles do most of the heavy lifting in any type of set you might practice. However, bands work muscles that are much harder to reach and which often get overlooked during a workout. The smaller muscles that support the larger muscles which are closer to the bone typically don’t get exercised during a normal workout. But when you use exercise bands, they too need to stretch and flex during your routine.

  1. Bands build flexibility.

When you use free weights or a bar with plates, you don’t really build flexibility as you need to simply lift and drop your arms or legs to build muscle. You’re not necessarily stretching the muscles as much as you are expanding and contracting them.

However, when you use bands you need to bend and twist. In turn get a full range of motion. This gives muscles a complete workout that builds flexibility and agility. Instead of just getting larger muscles you get muscles that are more supportive of your body and which are more able to move and bend freely. You may even find that running and other activities are better supported.

  1. You’re often more likely to use your bands than weights.

Exercise equipment only works if you use it but often people neglect to use their free weights and machines simply because they put these away and out of sight when not in use. They are cumbersome to take out of the closet or to pull out from under the bed and it becomes too easy to just neglect your workout.

With exercise bands resistance you can keep them conveniently located in any room of the home and in turn, you may wind up using them more often. You might also find that you use them for a longer workout since they’re less cumbersome than free weights, so in turn you get a more effective work out.

Since the bands are easier to use than free weights they can also be a better choice for those who are just starting out with a fitness routine, those who are very overweight, or those who may have physical challenges such as a bad back or bad knees.

These are just three reasons why exercise bands often mean a more effective workout for anyone. Keep this in mind and consider a good set of bands when you’re ready to get into shape.

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