The Perfect Beach Microfiber Travel Towel!

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Microfiber Travel TowelDo you love beach trips? Do you find yourself at the beachside almost every week? Maybe you can only make it once per month, or a few times for the year. It might be cold where you are now and the beach is on your mind. You can always venture to warmer territories. Don’t let the winter season hinder your beach cravings, I never do! Nonetheless, whether you go to the beach often or not, there are certain things that you definitely need to have with you on a beach trip.

Obviously, you need to have swim gears. In the same way in which you will never forget your swimwear, you should never forget to take a towel with you. In fact, I’m sure many would agree with me that if they had the perfect towel for their beach excursion, they would never forget it. The Bodi Microfiber towel is that ideal towel to have with you when you go to the beach.

Whether you end up going into the water or not, this towel is perfect for a day out on the beachside. The fibers of Bodi Microfiber travel towel is super fine, so this makes it super absorbent. After enjoying a swim, you can dry yourself completely within seconds when you use this towel. It can absorb liquid of up to 9 times its weight, so you can dry your body and your hair with the towel with ease. Yes, your hair! You won’t have to worry about frizzing with this towel. The fibers are so small that they won’t disturb your hair.

You might be wondering how you’re going to manage the towel when it’s soaked up to nine times its weight. Well, the lightweight towel can be wring dried up to 90%. So, you can remove most of the water quickly and easily with your hands. After that, it will not be too heavy or wet to walk around with. Cool huh? Can you imagine doing that with your regular bath towel?

If you decide to enjoy a sun bath instead of a swim, the Bodi microfiber towel makes a perfect mat you can lie on, in the sand or on a beach chair. It is much softer than a regular cotton towel, so you can enjoy a lovely nap for as long as you want.  Just don’t get too carried away, you don’t want to damage your skin! Maybe you will need to set your alarm or ask a friend to wake you up after an hour or so.

The microfiber travel towel is the size of a regular bath towel which means it is suitable for basically anyone – children and adults. The towel is especially perfect for children and elderly folks with delicate and sensitive skin because it is not harsh. The microfibers which are much smaller than the strands of our hair, are so tightly woven together that they cause the towels to have a smooth feel. Almost as smooth as fine silk.

More than likely if you go to the beach with kids, when you are ready to leave you will find that at least one of them did not get him/herself all dried. Just before he/she comes in the car with their wet clothes you can easily put the microfiber towel in the seat so that it would prevent your seat from getting wet. We know how a wet seat can leave that awful car mildew smell for weeks.

If you go out with a group of friends, one of the guys may have possibly decided not to take a change of clothes. This microfiber towel will definitely come in handy for him, and your car! I can also think about times when it started raining just when I’m about to leave the beachside. In a situation like this, even if you have already dried yourself completely, once you get wet, you would definitely need a microfiber towel to put on your seat to prevent the mildew smell.

With Bodi’s Microfiber Towel, you can enjoy a day out at the beach with your friends or family. The superabsorbent towel will enhance your experience at the beachside and afterwards, leaving leave you totally comfortable about your car seats. Be sure to get your set of Bodi Microfiber Towels for your next trip to the beach!

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