Three Reasons To Take Yacon Syrup Regularly

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Yacon SyrupYacon syrup by GHI is one of the most beneficial health drinks in the world, and yet it is not among the most popular. As the world opens up to herbal remedies and natural solutions to health problems, drinks like the Yacon Syrup will get more attention, and people will find healthier and more organic ways to cure ailments and diseases.

Yacon Syrup is not a medicine. It is a health drink that has some wonderful benefits for the human body. The syrup is derived from the extract of the Yacon root (smallanthus sonchifolus). The extract, which is completely natural and not blended or mixed with any artificial sweeteners or flavors, has the following health benefits, which are also the reasons you should consider taking Yacon Syrup regularly.

  • Yacon Syrup has been proven to reduce blood glucose levels when consumed, despite its sweetening effect. If you drink Yacon Syrup by itself or blend it with another drink, you would find it makes it sweeter, but without it impacting your blood glucose levels. In other words, you can still have something sweet, enjoy the sweet aftertaste of the drink, and not be bothered about it causing a spike in your blood sugar levels. Diabetics are particularly worried about their sugar intake, and this drink fits perfectly in their recommended dietary habits. It has no impact on the blood glucose levels because the natural sweeteners present in Yacon Syrup are not digested or metabolized. Instead, they pass through the digestive tracts without being consumed by the body, hence, you do get the taste but not the aftermath or the immediate impact.
  • Yacon Syrup is very effective in curing irritable bowel syndrome and can also increase the natural metabolic rate of the body. Because of these virtues, people can get rid of constipation problems or at least reduce them and regulate the condition over a short period of time. Due to high metabolic rates, the human body consumes more calories which aids in weight loss. Yacon Syrup also increases the intake of dietary fibre which is very good for one’s health.
  • Yacon Syrup also contains healthy bacteria, known as probiotics, which when consumed, can have wondrous benefits. These benefits range from improving the strength of the immune system to reducing the quantum of bad bacteria or prebiotics in the gastrointestinal tracts or guts.

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